Sep 23, 2009

Breakthrough computer models aiding cocaine addiction research

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There has always been a great deal of curiosity at the secrets of addiction. In this case scientists have developed breakthrough computer models to study the brain mechanisms taking place inside a cocaine addict's brain.

University of Missouri researchers at the Department of Electrical and Computational Engineering have done much needed research on the subject. The post doctoral students in their research have utilized computational models to study how the brains chemicals and the synaptic mechanisms or connection between neurons react with cocaine addiction. This study is an important development in the field of research involving cocaine and other related addictions and this is the first time ever that cocaine addiction has been studied using computer models.

“With cocaine addiction, addicts don’t feel an urge to revolt because there is a strong connection in the brain from the decision-making center to the pleasure center, which overwhelms other normal rewards and is why they keep seeking it,” Pendyam, one of the researcher said

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lawmacs said... Reply to comment

This is very interesting i will have to read the full story

Life with Passion ! said... Reply to comment

Yeah lawmacs ! A few days ago I suggested a guy on a forum thread to prioritize things to beat addiction, though it was a quit cigarette smoking discussion, in this case the study pinpoints the connections between brain chemicals and mechanisms or neurons. Whether this study covers other addictions too will be important to watch. It is an interesting find.

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