Sep 29, 2009

Wi-Fi a lifeline alternative access to 3G

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Here’s a review of an article of NY times on Wi-Fi access, when the 3G wired network is clogged and cannot be accessed, it’s really been a rude shock to see that so many proud owners of 3G smart phones like iphone’s, Blackberry’s etc., are not able to access the networks due to congestion, I could not have imagined this in my wildest of dreams. How could that it be ? Nevertheless it is a harsh fact, and now lets move on to check the alternatives.

Coming back to the article review, it deals with number of ways a mobile customer can access the network through a Wireless-Fidelity or Wi-Fi connection while in the vicinity of a hot-spot, a location where a nomadic user can log on to an available Wi-Fi network without actually having to do anything, as most of the times the mobile device automatically detects and connects the user to an available wireless network and the technology lets the user to do so.

Network providers set up these Wi-Fi hotspots in high density areas such as airports, cafeteria and other important locations people access often, in order to support the communication needs of the people. But in case your mobile settings need you to log on to one of such a Wi Fi connection, you need to tweak settings in your phone once, so that it logs on automatically next time.

Article gives some good information for the US users caught in the midst of a 'network clog' to check on the alternatives till the 3G networks are more accessible in the future. In this aspect AT&T is providing an alternative access to its customers with a Windows Mobile Phone, can now be able to access company's roughly 20,000 hot-spots across the country. And some of the Wi-Fi apps, that work when you are a subscriber to a Wi-Fi connection of any of the service providers, let the user to sniff out the nearest Wi-Fi location.

nytimes article

In developing countries the networks are still in evolutionary stages from the existing 2G/2.5G stages. There are lessons to be learned for Asian telecom operators from this, particularly in China and India, in how they are going to deploy their 3G networks, as with the case of Western and other mature Asian markets like Japan and Korea, that could not mange to capitalize on profits with a relatively quick switch to 3G networks.

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