Oct 1, 2009

Back Pain Relief -- Neurosurgeon Devises MRI-Based Technique to Diagnose Sciatica

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-- Up to 40 million American suffer from sciatica pains, but the condition is often not diagnosed correctly. A new imaging technique uses a specially tuned MRI scan to image nerves and highlight them deep inside tissues. Called Magnetic Resonance Neurography, the new technique promises to diagnose conditions such as sciatica -- in which a compressed nerve in the buttock causes persistent lower-back and leg pain -- in up to 95 percent of cases that were previously undiagnosed.


nothing profound said... Reply to comment

My mother suffered from sciatica for many years. I can remember her crawling in the kitchen on her hands and knees. Any procedure that can diagnose and help relive that awful pain is more than welcome.

Life with Passion ! said... Reply to comment
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Life with Passion ! said... Reply to comment

NP, Yep! this new technique looks good, hopefully will now be able to diagnose Sciatica, bringing relief to millions of people suffering from the pain. My thoughts go out for your mother ! Thanks for sharing this with me !

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