Oct 25, 2009

Tech Oasis : My new Blog

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These days I was thinking about launching a new blog, I felt all the things are crammed in my blog and I felt I need little bit of more room so I opted for another blog. The theme of the new blog is technology. I will write posts related to science and technology here.

The name of the blog is Tech Oasis . And it can be also found if you type from the address bar http://tech-oasis.blogspot.com/. I wish my readers all the best and I suggest you to explore this new blog Tech Oasis  where recently I have discussed many posts on the security aspect issue. This being so crucial now a days, we need to be adept and vigilant and learn more about this particular topic to keep our identity safe online. This will definitely not happen overnight but through regularly studying the subject and keep ourselves updated.

I hope you will stay connected on this new blog too. Thanks for reading and the visit in advance. Happy Blogging !


tozcal2009 said... Reply to comment

Good that the blog tech oasis will stick to a niche. Its topics always have demand. I wish you good progress with this new project.

Life with Passion ! said... Reply to comment

Hi tozcal2009 ! Thanks for the visit and the greetings, I have started afresh, I hope I can deliver my best with also providing valuable info and other important links on the aspects concerning the security.

My post Are you secure online ? gives a valuable introduction overviewing the Internet Security threats we face today. I recommend you to give it a read along with the Post Mobile Security in Focus 

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