Oct 21, 2009

New Method To Help Keep Fruit, Vegetables And Flowers Fresh

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Sounds fresh isn't it ?  Yes, a new method does just that, keeping the vegetables, fruit and flowers fresh for longer duration of time. The results could be very helpful in the long run keeping the stocks fresh and healthy for consumption.

According to the report millions of tons of vegetables end in trash before being consumed. When the world is getting hungrier each day, this new innovation could not have come at a more opportune time, this could go a long way.

A professor has developed an innovative new way to keep produce and flowers fresh for longer periods of time. The microbiologist's method uses a naturally occurring microorganism -- no larger than the width of a human hair -- to induce enzymes that extend the ripening time of fruits and vegetables, and keeps the blooms of flowers fresh

You can read more about this new find at Science Daily 

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Sibel said... Reply to comment

This is a great advancement, view that the world population is growing at an alarming rate and our naturel ressources are been depleated.

Life with Passion ! said... Reply to comment

Yes Sibel, you are right, this could go a long way, this is really a good research report.

Huzaifa said... Reply to comment

very informative post dear fellow.

Valleyz said... Reply to comment

@HuzaifaThank you for stopping by, Huzaifa!

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